Adele Allison Business Support Manager

Adele Allison – Business Support Manager – Hydro-X Group

Highlighting some of the team who continue to make a difference!

Please could you introduce yourself and your job role at Hydro-X?

I started with Hydro-X in December 2017 as Fleet Co-ordinator, and very soon after I began to take on other roles such a facilities, IT and anything adhoc. I then passed fleet on and became Business support co-ordinator learning more of the sales order CRM side of the business and many other aspects of the whole Business Support team functions. In October 2020 I was then given the promotion to Admin manager (title now Business support manager) where I now manage the admin team, facilities, and anything else to support the business needs. 

What would you say to women looking to join Hydro-X?

Do it! We pride ourselves on making sure that women in the workplace are supported and are given the right guidance however they wish to progress within Hydro-x, we are continuously working with people to development their skills.

Do you feel you have the necessary support and resources to help you as an individual succeed in your role?

The support that I receive from our management team is amazing, they have got to be the most approachable management team I have every worked with so in turn makes my job a lot easier. They have helped me grow and helped me to get where I am today, and for that I am very grateful. Their door is always open.

Finally which women inspire you most?

I has to be my mum!

What is your proudest moment at Hydro-X?

There are many moments I could pick, however just knowing that I work hard and that anyone at Hydro-X can come to me for support if they’re not sure who or what they need makes me proud.