Beau Jackson Account Manager Hydro-x Training

Beau Jackson – Account Manager – Hydro-X Training

Highlighting some of the team who continue to make a difference!

Please could you introduce yourself and your job role at Hydro-X?

My names Beau and I work for Hydro-X Training, my job role is Training Account Manager. I started working for Hydro-X nearly 7 years ago, I started as the Marketing Assistant and over time have moved to the training department. On a daily basis I work with my customers to provide Health, Safety and Compliance Training. I help my customers stay compliant and ensure they are receiving the highest quality of training.

What would you say to women looking to join Hydro-X?

We have an amazing team of women currently working for Hydro-X Training! I would say to anyone looking to join our team – we have a positive fast pace work environment. It’s an overall great team to join.

Do you feel you have the necessary support and resources to help you as an individual succeed in your role?

We are offered training and support; which we regularly participate in to help us as a team better perform.

Finally which women inspire you most?

There are so many incredible women that inspire me but I would say for me it’s the ones closest to me that have made the most impact. My Mum and Nan who are the most independent and strong women I have ever met.

What is your proudest moment at Hydro-X?

My proudest moment at Hydro-X Training has to be the month I had the record for the highest sales on a month.