gary sewell speaking at the 2022 Hydro-X National

Gary Sewell Named New Hydro-X Water Managing Director

Hydro-X is pleased to announce that as of the 19th of December 2022 Gary Sewell, our former UK Sales Director, will be heading up Hydro-X Water as Managing Director.

Gary started working at Hydro-X as Sales Director 3 and a half years ago and has successfully helped Hydro-X Water grow from £640K per month to now exceeding £1.5m per month.

Message from Gary Sewell: “I would like to firstly thank Jon Greaves for his support over the last 12 months, I am looking forward to continuing to build on our existing sound foundations. We have a magnificent team of people here at Hydro-X across the entire business profile from Admin support, Procurement, Operations, Back-office support and the Sales team. The strength of this business is the support by which we all give each other and the desire for each and everyone of us to be successful.

The future for Hydro-X is looking very exciting indeed, and I am really looking forward to continuing to celebrate our success in the coming years.”

We wish you every success in your new role Gary, and we are in no doubt that we are in safe hands.