Water Treatment and Air Hygiene Services in the Midlands

Water Treatment Services in the Midlands

In the midlands, Hydro-X services a variety of clients with different water treatment issues. We aim to provide a top-level of customer service and always ensure that our Willingness To Recommend score is as high as possible.

Our engineers are strategically placed around the region, so they can cover the area efficiently if any emergencies do occur and to maintain regular customer-facing visits. In the midlands, we provide a bespoke solution using our years of experience with water and legionella to secure a level of compliance that is required by all governing bodies.

Because of our industry connections we always stay ahead of the game when it comes to any recent legislation updates and requirements, so businesses in Birmingham, Coventry and the surrounding areas can benefit from our equipment and expertise.

Air Hygiene Services in the Midlands

The Midlands is an incredibly vast and versatile area, so Hydro-X have to ensure we are able to be flexible to the constantly changing environment around us.

Famous for it’s background in manufacturing across a wide range of sectors, as well as being home to England’s Second City, The Midlands is truly a fast moving and important place to The UK.

Being a multi-industry supplier, we have to make sure that the buisness’ and sites that we look after in this area are always kept compliant and running smoothly when it comes to air hygiene.

We have numerous members of the team dotted across The Midlands, so there’s always someone close by to help you with your compliance needs.

Laurence Bourne

Air Hygiene Contact

Email: Laurence.Bourne@hydro-x.co.uk

Telephone: 07901343146

Ben Neville

Water Treatment Contact

Email: ben.neville@hydro-x.co.uk

Telephone: 01909565133

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