Water Treatment and Air Hygiene Services in the South West

Water Treatment in the South West

The South West of England is the primary region for the supply of food and beverage, throughout the country. From dairys to brewerys and everything in between, we strive towards keeping our customers compliant and helping them achieve their KPI’s, whether it be m3 per HLs or kwh per tonne of product. Whilst food and beverage is prominent in the region, we are very much a multi industry supplier – healthcare, data & distribution centres, steel, paper and power are all areas where our local team have key knowledge and experience.

Our goals are to maintain customer satisfaction at all times, reduce their operating costs by increasing productivity and efficiency but always meeting the highest compliance & sustainability standards.

The recent opening of the new SW office in Exeter adds to our portfolio, with 9 offices strategically located around the country, it confirms our status as the largest independent water treatment company in the UK – we are small enough to care, but large enough to cope!

Whatever your problem or requirement may be, rest assured – Hydro-X will strive to offer you a solution with a team that’s is not too far away!

Lee Tiso

Water Treatment Contact

Email: Lee.Tiso@hydro-x.co.uk

Telephone: 07909557519

Kristian Williams

Air Hygiene Contact

Email: kristian.williams@hydro-x.co.uk

Telephone: 07796268488

Air Hygiene in the South West

The South West contains a vast array of business types in some pretty spectacular settings, where business is very much done on a local basis as there are quite often large distances from site to a major town/city.

The new offices in Exeter will prove to be a great asset when dealing locally and should in time enable us to provide compliance support to our customers at the highest standard. Our core business comes from the following sectors: Healthcare, MOD, Education, Aerospace, Facilities Management, Local Government, Hospitality and mechanical services contractors etc. All sectors are located in the South West and form our client base.

Stronger Together – in the South west we are very much working as a team and presenting a united front to our customers and offering the very best in Air and Water compliance solutions.

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