Water Treatment and Air Hygiene Services in the South

Water Treatment services in the South

The South of England is without doubt one of the more varied regions.  From metropolitan centres including London and Bristol, to outstanding areas of natural beauty including Dartmoor and the South Downs, it contains the most diverse range of water users.  Attracted by the best of climate and infrastructure, the South continues to see investment and growth in new markets combining traditional manufacturing and new service industries.

We are proud to work with hospitals and support the regeneration of new homes without interruption throughout the pandemic, as well as develop new technologies to support the future needs of data centres and district energy schemes.  Hotter summers and hard water areas has meant proactive water treatment design with an engineered solution in mind.  And so has proactive sustainability and the need to maximise space.  The highly populated cities continue to look for simplified solutions reducing numbers of suppliers/deliveries and remote clients want to feel that there is always a local presence.

This Region demands compliance and expects to not only adopt best practice, but to lead it.  It is not uncommon to have hospitals, schools, care homes and data centres within a small radius – all with a common goal of safe and efficient systems.  This does set a very high bar for service providers, the need to have fully trained local staff with a strong backroom and network.  Small enough to care and large enough to cope is key.

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At Hydro-X, The South is our largest Region and we have expanded to two new offices serving the South West in Exeter and the South East in Hertfordshire, supported by our head office and manufacturing facility in Yorkshire.  And have recently incorporated a new Engineering Business to support our established presence in Water, Air and Training.  We continue to develop and invest whilst seeing others in the market consolidate/lose their identity.  The South Region has benefited immensely from our Graduate programme where we are able to select the best talent and locate the new highly motivated teams to where our customers are.

So in answer to ‘what locations do we serve’, the answer we strive to give is ‘Yours.’

Air Hygiene in the South

The South (London) offers a wide array of opportunities and challenges in the air hygiene market sector including: Hospitality: Healthcare: Education: Facility Management, Government buildings & councils to name a few. There is plenty of continued growth and redevelopment in the capital and within the hustle and bustle of the city there are plenty of restaurants which all have commercial kitchens which require TR19® Grease kitchen extraction cleaning to conform to the – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We have invested and became approve members of the ventilation hygiene elite scheme which is recognized by the RISCAuthority and as such we are audited by a 3rd party on technical competence, training and quality of reporting. In addition to this the requirement for air hygiene services has surged in recent years with more attention placed on passive fire protection such as fire dampers which require annual inspections as per BS9999.

We can offer our clients the complete air hygiene package to ensure they are compliant kept up to date with the latest updated in the industry and legislation and have the peace of mind that they are with an expert provider with local knowledge. We continue to invest and adapt and bring bespoke solutions to our clients with one being the ‘Live Tracking System’ for fire damper inspections enabling us the client and the engineer to have full visibility on the progress of the works.

Our senior management team has over 50 years’ experience and have all worked with London as air hygiene engineers in the early stages of their careers, our promise is to get all reports out within 24- hours (except lab analysis results) due to a robust KPI structure and reward scheme for all employees to reiterate out right first time approach.

The South (London) is our largest region, and we have an office in Hertfordshire which offers quick transport links into London. We have seen an increased uptake in ventilation hygiene assessment and indoor air quality monitoring over the last couple of years as employers and landlords look to demonstrate their duty of care. This is a cost-effective solution to identify problem spots within the ventilation, increase contaminated can have impact on the system performance and can also provide conditions for microbiological activity that can have health implications.

The region is supported by our head office in Sheffield whereby all our engineers complete the relevant training courses such as confined space, face fit testing, asbestos awareness, IPAF and PASMA to name a few. Our sister company Hydro-X Training having the only accredited city and guilds fire damper training course of which all personal from admin to senior management have all been on.

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