Matthew Hardwick Head of Sales Hydro-X Air

Harnessing Success: Introducing Our New Head Of Sales

Welcome Matthew Hardwick

We are delighted to unveil our new Head of Sales for Hydro-X Air. Please give a warm welcome to Matthew Hardwick.

As part of Matthew’s initiation and induction, he was provided with a quick tour of the new training facilities dedicated to Hydro-X Air. Here we caught up with Matthew to delve into his vast experience.

Spotlight On Matthew Hardwick


1. Can you shed some light on your previous work experience and how it relates to your new Head of Sales role at Hydro-X Air?

I have spent the last 25 years of my career in the Facilities Management (FM) industry working with both Hard and Soft FM providers, I started as a Business Development Manager (BDM) in London and the South East and have progressed to Sales Director / Head of Sales roles both regional and national. My last position was a National Sales Director role with a team of 8 BDMs and 3 Marketing Managers as well as 8 Account Managers.

I was instrumental in growing this business from £14m to £22m in 2 years. 

2. What motivated you to pursue a career in this industry, and how do you envision leveraging your past experiences to contribute to the team’s success?

I find the world of compliance and air hygiene strangely satisfying. I know that what we do is keeping people safe and improving the conditions they work in. Air quality is one of the most overlooked issues of the modern age and its improvement benefits everyone. 

3. What excites you about working for Hydro-X Air?

The role here at Hydro-x Air is an exciting one!

I have inherited a great team at a time of huge potential for growth under the guidance of the new Managing Director Jeremy. The vision he and I hold for how to grow the business is both exciting and the reason I joined the business.

4. Could you share a particular accomplishment or project from your previous job that you are proud of and how it showcases your skills and abilities?

I have won a number of prestigious contracts over the years, PPM for the Bank of England, ppm and capex works for 400 Wetherspoon pubs however, the one I am most proud of was being involved in the winning of and delivery of the installation of life safety systems at 3 venues at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

6. What’s your favourite meal after a long day at work?

I love Italian food so if I had to choose it would have to be lasagna with a crisp salad.

7. What do you do in your spare time to switch off from work?

I enjoy walking in nature and indulging my passion for landscape and wildlife photography.

8. And finally, If you were a superhero or a fictional character in the workplace, who would you be and why?

YODA – He is wise and sees the good in people and is a great mentor.