Fire Safety Defects

Time To Take Action: Building and Fire Safety Compliance Remediation

Remediation of Fire Safety Defects

In a collective statement, prominent entities including Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Building Safety Regulator, the Local Government Association and the National Fire Chiefs Council stress the critical responsibility of building owners in ensuring fire safety. The recent statement published 26th July 2023 highlights the urgency of addressing safety defects promptly through effective remediation and implementing diverse measures for strict compliance with regulations.

The Role of Building Owners

It is evident that building owners play a pivotal role in addressing fire safety issues within their properties. While the government has provided funding for remediation work, some building owners continue to delay essential safety improvements, adversely affecting the quality of life for residents.

The joint statement expresses appreciation for those responsible landlords who have taken the initiative to remediate their buildings. However, it raises concern over the significant number of building owners who have not yet taken action to make their properties safe.

The authorities, including local governments and fire and rescue services, are united in their commitment to ensuring that building owners abide by the law and promptly remediate defective buildings. They have already initiated enforcement actions against owners who have been slow to respond. Notably, since 2018, over 200 high-rise buildings have faced enforcement action from local authorities, and fire and rescue services have issued more than 250 enforcement notices.

The Impact of the Building Safety Act 2022

The joint statement welcomes the Building Safety Act 2022, which grants legal powers to address building safety concerns. It reaffirms the collective dedication to collaboration, supporting local authorities and fire and rescue services in using their enforcement powers effectively. In this context, the Building Safety Regulator is set to take charge of enforcing building safety in residential buildings above 18 meters or 7 storeys starting in spring 2024. Building owners who have not yet remediated can expect close scrutiny from the Building Safety Regulator.

The statement serves as a warning to building owners who are still delaying remediation efforts. Time is running out for them to act, as the implementation of the Building Safety Act’s new regime and the imminent launch of the Building Safety Regulator tighten regulatory measures. Authorities will not hesitate to enforce action against non-compliant building owners. The objective is to ensure that there are consequences for those who fail to prioritize the safety of their buildings and that the responsible parties take the necessary actions to make their properties safe.

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