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CSCS card do you need iosh

Do you need a CSCS card if you have IOSH Training? Everything you need to know


At Hydro-X, our IOSH Managing Safely Course and IOSH Working Safely Courses produce certificates that have considerable, substantial benefits.

Both CSCS and IOSH qualifications are looked upon with the highest respect, but they are not required to gain entry to a building site. If a worker is looking to progress their career within the construction industry or expand their resume, CSCS/IOSH qualifications are both going to prove useful in doing so.

If you work in the construction industry, even if you have completed IOSH Training, you need a CSCS card. They are mandatory to gain access on a Construction site.

What is a CSCS card?

CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards are recognised qualifications. They work as evidence that the card owner is competent to complete the construction job. Labourers, plumbers, bricklayers and many other trades all need to have one as the majority of sites require them for entry, requested by the site’s manager.

It is advised to apply for a CSCS card through the proper channels, rather than through third party organisations; as these can be extortionate in price. All personal details of cardholders are held securely in a database by the company.

There are 13 types of cards that exist in total (as of February 2020), varying in experience and roles. However, the Green CSCS Labourer card being one of the most common.

Green – for Labourers (must have RQF Level 1/SCQF Level 4 and SCQF Level 5)

Pink – for Apprentices (in a Recognised Apprenticeship Framework)

Pink (2) – for Experienced Technical, Supervisors/Managers (valid for 3 years)

Pink (3) – for Experience Workers (with On the Job experience)

Pink (4) – for Trainees (must be registered)

Blue – for Skilled Workers (SVQ Level 2)

Gold – for Advanced Craft (NVQ Level 3)

Gold (2) – for Supervisory Workers (NVQ Level 3/4)

Black – for Managers (Construction Management NVQ)

White – for Academically Qualified Persons (Construction related Degree)

Yellow – for Construction Site Visitors (this card is actually expiring at the end of February 2020)

White (2) – for Professionally Qualified Persons (valid for 5 years)

Pink (5) – for Provisional Workers (valid for 6 months)


Why do you need a CSCS card?

CSCS were brought in to help ensure the safety of both workers and sites. Although they are not required from a legislator perspective, they are essential from a verification standpoint to prove that the correct training has been undertaken. As a result, the CSCS card holder can be identified as skilled to a competent degree, associated with the specific task relating to the type of CSCS card.

What would happen without them?

There have been many incidents in the past where contractors have been deceived by individuals, because they are looking to gain access, experience or financial benefit without following the proper procedure.

This can obviously have an effect from a financial and employment standpoint, if a job is not completed to the level it should’ve been, reflecting negatively on a company or individual worker’s image. Most importantly, working without a CSCS card can influence increased risk to the individual worker; along with the health and safety of colleagues and members of the public.

Do you need IOSH Training if you have a CSCS card?

Completing an IOSH Training Course, whether it is IOSH Managing Safely or IOSH Working Safely, will always encourage and motivate workers to make construction environments safer for themselves and their team.

An accredited IOSH Managing Safely Certificate shows that the delegate is dedicated to managing and minimising the level of risk within a construction environment. Similar comparisons can be made with the IOSH Working Safely qualification, which is our 1 day course. Productivity and profitability are two tangible benefits of undertaking the 3 day course at Hydro X Training.

The delegate will gain a more in-depth understanding of how their behaviour in certain situations can have a huge impact on safety in a construction environment on both themselves and their colleagues once taking an IOSH Course.

IOSH Courses can be undertaken by ANY workers within ANY industry. Construction industry workers will still gain knowledge that can be applied everyday and save lives for years to come.

How can HX Training help with IOSH?

HX Training have conducted courses all over the UK, with the purpose of improving health and safety performance. We believe in the value of education and IOSH courses are critical to a companies success.

At Hydro X Training, we offer both classroom and onsite training – we can deliver the course to you! Please visit our IOSH Courses page to find out more.

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