Management of Water Safety in Healthcare Estates HTM


This course is designed for those involved in managing safe water systems in healthcare premises. They may be Responsible Person, Deputy Responsible Person or maintenance/facilities staff. It aims to introduce the key aspects of compliance in relation particularly to the control of Legionella bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in healthcare water systems.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme


Who is Management of Water Safety in Healthcare Estates Course suitable for?

This course is designed for those involved in managing safe water systems in healthcare premises. They may be the Responsible Person, Deputy Responsible Person and maintenance/facilities staff.

Persons who manage, operate, maintain, monitor and repair water distribution systems and associated equipment. Either in healthcare premises, augmented care units and care homes (this might include managers, service providers and estates/facilities managers).

In addition, this course may also be suitable for operators that carry out routine maintenance, monitoring, sampling and inspections of water systems; or even service providers wishing to extend their service offering into healthcare.

Members of Water Safety Groups who would be suitable for this course:

  • Authorised Persons
  • Responsible Persons
  • Competent Persons

What is the HTM 04-01 part b?

The HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) 04-01 is a wholly comprehensive guidance document published by the Department of Health. It’s focused on water safety within healthcare premises (hospitals, medical centres) and is split into three parts.

  • Part A covers installation and design of water systems
  • Part B covers the operation of the system and the day-to-day management of it
  • Part C covers augmented settings and further actions that can be taken

What is HSG274 part 1 and HSG274 part 2?

HSG274 is a guidance document written by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for responsible person’s regarding Legionnaire’s disease.

  • Part 1 focusses on controlling the bacteria in evaporating cooling systems
  • Part 2 focusses on controlling the bacteria in hot and cold systems

The HSG274 details how to perform a risk assessment on your system and how to achieve legal compliance. The recommendations involved stem from the Health and Safety at Work act 1974.

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Course Information

  1. Compliance of the healthcare estate and regulations
  1. Governance & management responsibility
  1. Legionella Bacteria
    • Testing for Legionella
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Flushing
    • TMV maintenance and commissioning
    • Showers and spray tap cleaning, disinfection and descale
    • Action in the event of an outbreak of legionellosis
  2. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Testing for P.aeruginosa
    • Water sampling for P.aeruginosa
  3. Other waterborne pathogens
  4. Operational management
  5. Description of systems, operational considerations and requirements
  6. Other operational considerations
  7. Supply source, water softening and materials
    ▪ Metal contamination
  8. Water treatment, filtration and control programmes
  9. Water storage, hot and cold water distribution systems
    • Pipework installations
    • Installation, testing & commissioning
    • Documentation

This Managing Water Safety in Healthcare Premises Training Course aims to introduce several key aspects of compliance. Specifically regarding control of Legionella bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in healthcare water systems, drawing particular attention to the requirements of:

  • ACoP L8
  • HSG274 part 1 and 2
  • HTM 04-01 part b

At the end of the legionella training each delegate undertakes a multiple choice assessment consisting of 20 questions, with 15 correct answers achieving a pass grade (75%).

Where facilities permit, assessment is completed online to enable faster processing of results and certification.

On successful completion you will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate.

A digital certificate will be made available for you to download normally within 48hrs of successfully completing this course.

Paper copies of certificates can be supplied subject to a small administration fee.

This will need renewing every 2 years.

Disinfection of Domestic Systems

  • Designed for anyone who is involved in the disinfections of hot and cold water supply systems in buildings. It aims to provide delegates with the practical knowledge of health and safety procedures to safely and successfully carry out different disinfection methods.

Legionella Training Courses

  • Four legionella courses to ensure you get the correct training for your appointed responsibility
  • Four learning styles to choose from
  • Meetings the requirements of ACoP L8 and HSG 274
  • We are the UK’s No.1 legionella training provider

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