We provide or formulate for specific applications, a wide range of chemicals and products for cooling water and the treatment of all types of water systems including cleaning and de-scaling.

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    Bulk Chemical Storage to reduce manual handling

    One of Hydro-X Water’s existing sites is a leading supermarket distribution centre. Within their site is chilled and frozen section with 3 small evaporative condensers on the roof.

    During one of our regular reviews, as part of the continual development program we had with this particular client, there were two particular issues that were highlighted.


    Improving efficiency & longevity in a chilled loop system

    Hydro-X have had a long-standing relationship with a Facilities Management company that looks after sites all over the UK and Ireland.

    One of the sites we look after as part of our contract is a site in Edinburgh city centre and we look after the testing on their Chilled and Heating Loop Systems and their Domestic Water Sampling


    Chiller Unit

    Chiller Filtration – SIVA Plastics

    Read about how we helped restore the efficiency and longevity of SIVA’s cooling systems. This helped to save costs, reduce machinery down time, and help them meet their environmental goals


    We work in a variety of industries


    Data Centres

    District Heating