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Environmental Compliance Services for Water and Air

Hydro-X Water Treatment is a specialist in Legionella Risk Assessments and control, Cooling Water TreatmentBoiler Water Management and Bespoke Water, Energy and Carbon saving projects, offering individually tailored solutions to each client.


Click HERE for your free simple guide to Business Owners and Managers responsibilities in relation to Legionella control and best practices.


It is always best to consult a professional in these matters.


Water Hygiene

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With the ACoP L8 at its core, Hydro-X is able to look after all of your water treatment and hygiene requirements. From initial Risk Assessments of buildings, rooms and individual units, through to schedule monitoring of plant and emergency responses to
required cleans and disinfections, you can be sure that you are fully compliant both with current legislation and industry best practice.

We also offer unique and innovative products such as Hydro-Safe™ that can provide you with simple and cost-effective solutions to your water treatment needs, and an electronic log book system that allows you to remotely track your assets.

The Hydro-X legionella risk assessment has been devised to be easy to follow by anyone with a basic knowledge of a domestic water system. Our assessments are carried out by fully qualified risk assessors and are in compliance with the HSE approved code of practice (ACoP L8) for the control of Legionella.


Air Quality and Compliance

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Our specialist engineers are able to provide Indoor Air Quality monitoring on a regular contract or a single survey basis for the industry standard air quality parameters of temperature, relative humidity, ventilation efficiency, Inhalable dust levels and airborne microbiological activity.

We can also undertake visual inspections of Air Handling Units to assess their condition with relation to air hygiene as well as undertake filter efficiency testing. Further gas, mould and IAQ parameter tests are possible on a bespoke basis upon request and tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

A full written report will be issued detailing the findings, complete with graphs and photographs where appropriate.


Cooling Towers/Boiler Water

cooling tower iconWith the recent focus on the safety and compliance of cooling towers, it is more important than ever that owners and operators choose the right service provider to maintain these systems.

Our organic cooling-water treatments are based on the latest polymer technology and are designed to give the best possible performance. The chemicals are specified and selected to suit each individual application and water parameters, regular monitoring ensures the highest standards of compliance are met.

Also, our specialist boiler-water treatment chemical has remained a relatively unchanged compound since its development in Denmark in the 1940’s. This is due to its outstanding effectiveness in preventing scaling and corrosion and thereby ensuring the production of clean and neutral steam.

Over dosing carries no risk to the boiler whether it be due to mechanical failure or human error and the steam quality will remain pure.


Sustainability – Carbon/Water/Energy Saving

sustainability iconHydro-X prides itself on leading the way in innovative solutions to save carbon, water, and energy.
We will use our in-house expertise and knowledge to help you explore the viability of alternative water sources, waste reduction, heat dissipation and energy capture, to name just a few of the more wide-spread technologies. We will also help you to navigate potential tax incentives that may be available for these green projects.

With many of these projects, we pride ourselves on being able to save you more than we cost you, with many projects paying for themselves within 18 months.


Specials/Bespoke Projects

specials iconWe fully appreciate that each organisation’s water and air requirements are unique, and often some are very complex indeed.

Here at Hydro-X we have enough experience across a very wide breadth of industrial applications to be able to collaborate with you to find solutions that meet your own specific requirements.

Rest assured that our goal is not to create a ‘make-do’ solution. Our purpose is to work in partnership with our customers to generate a solution that delivers on effectiveness, efficiency, and cost.


As Hydro-X has its own chemical manufacturing facility, it can provide chemicals blended to your specific requirements in the quantity of your choice, ensuring the maximum efficiency for you.

Hydro-X has developed a dedicated team of Risk Assessors headed by an experienced Risk Assessment Manager to ensure we deliver quality  risk assessments on time and within budget. Hydro-X  Risk Assessments can be created on paper or in an e-log book format.