2nd November 2015

Material Safety Data Sheets

Please find below the Material Safety Data Sheets for Hydro-X’s most commonly sold chemicals.

Should your required MSDS sheet not be available to download here, please do not hesitate to call our Head Office on 01909 565133 where a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

It is imperative to take care when handling hazardous substances, and seeking the advice of an expert is always advised.


Hydrocid 300D

Hydrocid 306

Hydrocid 315

Hydrocid 327

Hydrocid 328D

Hydrocid 337

Hydrocid 337F

Hydrocid 338

Hydrocid 339

Hydrocid 360

Hydrocid 369

Hydrocid 381

Hydrocor RLT20

Hydrocor 204

Hydrocid 390
(Bromine Tablets)

Hydrocor 231

Hydrocor 232

Hydrocor 235

Hydrocor 243B

Hydrocor 250

Hydroplex 403

Hydroplex 405

Hydroplex 406

Hydrotreat 1

Hydrotreat 25


Hydro-X Super

Hydro-X RH1

Sanosil Super 25

Shower Head Plus

Monoethylene Glycol

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