Temperature Non-Conformance Policy Update

Temp Non-Conformance Flow Chart


Please see below an important message from Hydro-X’s Health, Safety and Quality Manager:


“When managing Legionella risks in a building’s hot and cold water systems, ensuring compliance of appropriate water temperatures is often the primary control measure. A service Hydro-X supply to many of our clients is routine temperature profiling of building water systems, ensuring that temperatures at all parts of the system pose low risk in terms of potential Legionella proliferation.

Critically, monitoring is not the same as control as the saying goes, and so a question asked frequently by our clients is ‘what action should be taken where temperatures are found to be outside of the guidelines?’. The HSE’s guidance on this subject (HSG 274 Part 2) provides general advice related to requirements for Legionella monitoring and possible implementation of biocide dosing systems where temperature control cannot be maintained. However, it is not very specific.

To help fill the gap, Hydro-X have compiled a recommended process for the management of non-compliant temperatures recorded from a building’s water systems. This is now available on our website HERE. Our staff have been instructed and trained in this process, and this will form the basis for our recommendations where we come across out-of-spec temperatures.

Our aim with this is to provide some clarity and structure to the handling of temperature non-conformances, and whilst this is an internal Hydro-X document, we hope that our clients will consider incorporating this process into their Legionella written control scheme. Please feel free to retain a copy of this document, and insert it into your log book.

kind regards,

Ed Williams
QHSE Manager – Hydro-X”


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